F00018 Retiree Medical Insurance Plan (RMIP): Non-U.S. National Health Plan (NHP) Transmittal Form


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Information on Completing the Form

This form should be used by a retiree MIP (RMIP) participant to transmit new or previously unrecorded Non-U.S. National Health Plan (NHP) enrollment information. Participation in the NHP of the country of pension address is mandatory for RMIP participants and their spouses/registered domestic partners, if the participant(s) are eligible on the same basis as nationals of the country of pension address record. 

Please return this signed form to HR Operations  (Select one transmittal format, and submit only once):

a.  E-mail at hroperations@worldbank.org         

b.  Mail to: HR Operations, World Bank MSN G2-202, P.O.Box:1420, Landover MD 20785, USA

c.  Fax +1 (202) 522-7026

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If you are experiencing any issues, please contact HR Operations via email: hroperations@worldbank.org  or phone 202-473-2222 or 5220+32222.

Revision 25 Apr 2023

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For each retiree or spouse/domestic partner who has become eligible for a National Health Plan please provide the following information


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